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How to Keep in Touch

While I am in Europe, I may not be able to respond as quickly as I normally do! Luckily, with today’s technology, it will be fairly easy to keep in touch with everyone! This blog is going to be a great way to let everyone know what I am up to! I will make my normal blog posts along with pictures, and maybe some video posts as well!

Another way I would love to keep in touch with everyone is via skype! My skype account name is TheAwesomeHollands…..super creative, I know! Hopefully we will have a good connection on campus so I can skype quite often. I will be 6 hours ahead of Central time so keep that in mind!

Having an iPhone is pretty fantastic! For all you other iPhone users, I can iMessage you for free! (iMessages are the blue text messages that you send to other iPhone users) Since iMessages is actually over the internet opposed to text messaging, when I am on wifi I can “text.” I may not always be able to respond right away since I have to be on wifi to receive the texts, but it is still a great way to keep in touch!

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