How Things are Going!

                I can’t believe I have been working at The Royal Wolverhampton School (RWS) for three weeks already! Sorry I haven’t updated this, it is just a pain because they internet is pretty slow and I seem to be busy all the time! I tried posting a week ago with a picture and that seemed to crazy my whole blog, so unfortunately, I don’t know if I’ll be able to post too many pictures! But anyways, onto the actual update!

                RWS is a great school. It is a private school that starts at nursery and goes all the way up to Year 13 (senior in high school). I am student teaching in a Year 3 class which is the equivalent to second grade. Our class only has 15 students and there is a main teach, myself, and a classroom aid! The fact that we have 1 teach for every 5 students is amazing! The assistant pulls students out every day to listen to them read and work on comprehension and when I’m not teaching, I assistant students at their desks or even pull them out to work on individual skills.  

                One aspect of the school that I love is that there are so many after school activities for the students to participate in. I have never seen an elementary school that offered multiple activities until 5pm. The activities are run by the teachers, so I am involved in Football (soccer), Choir, Orchestra, and Table Tennis. Another amazing part of the elementary school is the classes that the students take! By Year 3, the students have already had French for two years I believe, and they are starting Mandarin. They also have gym for 2 hours once a week, and swimming for 1.5 hours!

                For my next update, I’ll try to get somewhere with better internet so I can post a picture or two! I will also try to update sooner this time around!


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